Modern Family Recap: F.U. Pritchett

Presumably at a loss for good material about airplane food, ModFam cold-opens boldly and bravely on a mother-in-law joke (Wiki: "Humour and jokes about one's mother-in-law [the mother of one's spouse] are a mainstay of comedy. The humour is based on the premise that the average mother-in-law often considers her son-in-law to be unsuitable for her daughter [or daughter-in-law unsuitable for her son], and usually includes the stereotype that mothers-in-law are generally overbearing, obnoxious, or unattractive") with a side of OMG-Hispanic-women-are-louuuud-LOL!!! and females-are-vain-too-DOUBLE-LOL!!! That’s of course capped off with a gag about Gloria's Colombian sister harvesting corn and an intro to the episode’s uncomfortable haves/have-nots B-plot. If this doesn’t sound like the show you just watched, turn back now, or head straight to the comments to tear me apart and explain how this episode enriched your life. Read More...


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