Girls Season 2 Review “I Get Ideas”

My main complaint about last week’s premiere of Girls was that there wasn’t really much substance there to chew on, and boy, does "I Get Ideas" assuage any fears that the show doesn’t have any bite. This week we get some of the best scenes the show has yet to offer, and even beyond that, it was funny. Like, really, genuinely funny.

One common criticism of the show is that all the main characters are repugnant. (In terms of personality, not physically – that’s been said too, but I’m not dignifying it with further discussion.) I don’t disagree, but where I part ways with those who say that is I believe the show’s writers are fully aware of that ugliness, and that that’s kind of the point of Girls. In the first scene, look at how Elijah admits to not telling Hannah about what happened with Marnie. George writes it off as another piece of immaturity, but the show gives us the reason why: Hannah has incredibly thin skin. She can’t take even the lightest of criticisms. When Sandy finally admits he didn’t really like her essay, she flips out, at first mildly, but then totally, bringing in politics and race, and breaking up with him by the end of it.


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