Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Molly’s Birthday”

If Mike would have stuck to the diet that haunted him in the last week’s episode of Mike & Molly, he would have never eaten the psychedelic gelato! Thanks to their new stoner house guest Tom, Mike accidentally ingests drugs in this latest episode. Prior to ending up a mad man on the loose, Mike was giving a real effort to making Molly’s birthday wishes come true until Victoria’s friend moved in for a brief stay, leaving a special dessert in the fridge.

Tom, whose house is being treated for termites, is an old friend and a bad influence on Victoria. The two spend their time "bonging" and singing hilarious songs on the coach. And while they are driving Molly crazy, Joyce takes a liking to the guy who gives out back rubs and free spirited advice. Of course you can’t blame Molly for disliking the guy after she enters the house during one of Tom’smassage sessions only to find Vince in rare form on a table with just a towel in the middle of the living room.



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