Being Human Season 3 Review “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

On the latest episode of "Being Human,", cheekily-entitled "(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun," the gang is in relatively high spirits (no pun intended), save maybe Aidan, what with the whole vampire virus thing still going around. After all, both Josh and Sally are human again. Of course, this being, well,"Being Human," you just know that it won’t last, and it doesn’t.

We start with Connor and Brynn’s wolf father looking for them after an extended absence. He soon discovers that the former is dead and wipes out the vamps in short order that killed him and mounted him on their wall, in the worst taxidermy job ever. He eventually tracks down Nora, who used to run with their pack, as you’ll recall from last season (as did Josh briefly, before they got a little too crazy for his tastes). Not too happy with Nora’s questions, he locks himself in her storage facility alongside her and the two vanish after the full moon, much to Josh’s horror, who discovers the door to the unit torn to shreds.


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