Castle Season 5 Review “Death Gone Crazy” – You Only Live Once

Castle gave us a slightly more interesting episode this week with, "Death Gone Crazy," the story of the murder of a Girls Gone Wild-esque video king. Sure, the reference is a little dated, but the issues with privacy in the internet age certainly are not. Using Alexis and her vlog in contrast and comparison to the girls in the murder victim’s films was good in theory, but I did find myself a little frustrated with Castle’s daughter. For someone so smart, she can be really naive.

I actually hope that something does happen to her because of that vlog. I realize that sounds horrible, but hear me out. Almost every single teen drama these days has done a story about someone being stalked, and while they usually include online elements, they’re so over the top and dramatic that they end up not being a warning to teenagers, but something they think won’t happen to them. But internet stalkers are very real and very dangerous and no one is totally safe from them, especially the beautiful children of very famous novelists who think that just being aware of that danger is enough to keep them safe. 



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