Bunheads Season 1 Review “I’ll Be Your Meyer Lansky”

If there’s one thing this second half of a season of Bunheads is doing best, it’s making me love all the bunheads equally. Previously, if you’d asked me to pick a favorite, there’d be no hesitation before I said it was Boo. But Boo isn’t even in "I’ll Be Your Meyer Lansky," and I barely even noticed. Instead, Ginny and Melanie get a bigger share of the spotlight, and I loved it. Melanie’s new violent streak was the funniest gag in the whole episode.

Not to say that the rest isn’t funny – the opening training montage, with Michelle and Fanny reluctantly imitating Rocky Balboa, turns out to be in preparation for a meeting with an accountant, which is hilarious. And the scene that follows is exactly the kind of scene Bunheads needs to put in from time to time, of a character calling out our protagonists on their wackiness. Bunheads isn’t a show devoted to realism, but a shot of it here and there does it good.


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