Face Off Season 4 Review “Heroic Proportions” – The Many (Incorrect) Uses For Gaffers Tape

I’m not really sure where to even begin with this train wreck of an episode. Normally the artists of Face Off leave me speechless because of their talent and the magnificent creations that come from their imaginations. Tonight that changed. Instead of being awed, I sat in stunned silence at the mess that came from this superhero challenge. Not everything was horrible about the creations in "Heroic Proportions", but instead of the good choices outnumbering the bad, the good (or even decent) was few and far between.

The remaining artists were given the spotlight challenge of creating an original superhero. With the help of DC artists, they needed to come up with a character, a back story, and a full makeup. The winner of this challenge will have their character appear in a DC comic, which is incentive enough to win, forget about the actual competition.



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