New Girl Season 2 Review “Pepperwood” – Beware the POGO

I really think that Nick would be a great writer if he ever took a break from trying to save Jess and actually wrote something. In "Pepperwood," this week’s episode of New Girl, he decided to take on a somewhat creepy student in Jess’s adult creative writing class, who he decided wanted to kill Jess based on his stories and some drawings in his notebook.

It’s a pretty classic TV story set-up, mistaking a new character for a killer, but I can’t deny that it was entertaining to see Nick investigating and spying and protecting Jess under the cover name "Pepperwood." I feel like a broken record when I say over and over again how much Nick secretly loves Jess. It’s so obvious; every episode is about them saving each other from bad relationships or potentially dangerous situations that turn out to be totally explainable.



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