The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Hooking Up Is Hard”

This week on "The Mindy Project," Mindy’s project was to find a, um, shall we say, "Friend with Benefits"? I mean, really, it’s a F*Buddy, but it’s a TV show, so we have to play by certain rules, one of which being, you can talk about F*Buddies, you can feature a plotline that revolves around them, and you can teach pithy lessons about how they don’t ever, ever work, but you can’t actually say the terminology that best suits it in the first place. Just ask this movie and this one, all of which were released in the same freaking year!

But I digress. As Mindy was to discover, "Hooking Up is Hard." Amen, sister. Although there are now plenty of websites for such things, Mindy understandably is deathly afraid of serial killers, to the point that she actually dresses like one after hours at the office in order to scare away the real thing, adopting the "too many cooks in the kitchen"-rule that says that a murderer will go elsewhere if another murderer is already about.


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