Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Misery Loves Company”

Well, as we discovered on this week’s "Pretty Little Liars," Meredith’s seeming turn-around in being nice to Aria was short-lived, if it ever was a real thing. In "Misery Loves Company," Meredith went allNate St. Germain on Aria, locking her down in her room, feeding her prescription drugs to keep her docile and searching high and low for the evidence that Aria’s dad was being blackmailed by the late Alison for cheating on his wife with Meredith.

When Byron finally discovered what was going on, he went back to the sweet-if-misguided dad we’ve known all along before he went all creeper on us. Thank goodness for small favors. Offering himself up on the mercy of the Aria, he proposes going to the police and telling them everything, but Aria stops him and opts to burn the evidence, aka the diary pages where Alison talks about the whole ugly situation. Byron also tells Aria that he refused to pay the blackmail money in the end, and Alison threatened to tell everyone, but by then, he had resigned himself to the truth coming out anyway.


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