Parenthood “Because You’re My Sister” Season 4 Finale Review

The fourth season of Parenthood came to a close last night and for better or worse, brought closure to the various challenges faced by the Braverman family. Here’s where we left the Braverman family by the episode’s end:

Crosby and Jasmine
Crosby, along with Amber, has consistently been one of my favorite members of the Braverman familythis season. He’s displayed a tremendous amount of growth. He’s a great husband, dad and has evolved into a family member upon which his siblings can rely. Although I’m definitely past watching Crosby and Jasmine having major issues, I wish the writers would have given Crosby something a bit more challenging than a cranky neighbor at work and a meddling mother-in-law at home. Speaking of Renee, she decided that she would move in with her son, Sekou, in his tiny apartment. Yeah, that’s really going to work out.


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