The Lying Game Season 2 Review “Advantage Sutton”

If you hadn’t already guessed based on the title for this week’s The Lying Game, ‘Advantage Sutton’, Emma is the twin who comes out on the bottom this time. I’ve made no secret of my preference for Sutton in my reviews so far, so I enjoyed seeing the evil twin score a win for once, and it certainly looks like things might be switching around in more ways than one.

We begin the hour with the aftermath of Sutton and Ethan’s cabin encounter, and the latter certainly isn’t keen to take responsibility for the tryst. Seriously, at this point, I’m wondering why either sister wants anything to do with the guy, since his reaction to sleeping with an ex-girlfriend was beyond rude and dismissive. The men of this show need to stop blaming the women in their lives, and the girls need to stop taking the flack, pronto. Aside from this, Emma later offers to tutor Ethan for an academically life-saving test, and Thayer isn’t too happy with his girlfriend sharing her time.


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