Justified Season 4 Review “Truth and Consequences”

Justified is in full swing! This week, it was a wild ride between the bag mystery, Raylan’s relationship drama, a suicidal FBI agent, and a showdown in the preachin’ tent. It’s going to be hard to wait a week to see the fall out.

Realizing that Billy’s sister is the brains of the operation, Boyd attempts to bribe her to take Billy out of Harlan. She initially refuses and is half-heartedly indignant, but then reveals that the price is just higher than what Boyd offered. There is an interesting tension between the sister and Boyd. I briefly thought that might lead to some sort of hook up between the two. But, I can’t see Boyd cheating on Ava. As bad as Boyd is, we’ve never seen him as a philanderer. Boyd is unwilling to pay a steeper price and walks away.



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