Cougar Town Season 4 Review “Between Two Worlds”

Cougar Town tends to be at its most enjoyable when it allows itself to be both an absurd sitcom and a show about severely damaged people at the same time; just look at the scene from “Between Two Worlds” in which Bobby, or should I say, Ron Mexico, is confronted by his AA sponsor, and comesclean with a story that is, at its core, incredibly depressing. He’s a divorced man who lives in a permanently-on-land boat, barely making a living, and forced to confront his ex-wife every day. But that comes right after the revelation that he passed off the story of Forrest Gump as his own (and was believed), and comes paired with a hilarious aside about his boat being crammed full of spiders. The show is taking pathos and silliness and forcing them to dance cheek-to-cheek, like a pushy friend at an 7th grade homecoming. The result, however, is that the comedy becomes intensified.


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