Suburgatory Season 2 Review “Chinese Chicken”

As I mentioned in last week’s review of Suburgatory, I was pretty excited about the possibilities of the Tessa and Ryan relationship. In particular, I was excited because I knew their union meant spending more time at Chatswin High School. Suburgatory has often turned the denizens of Chatswin into caricatures of actual people, but the storylines that ran through the school were always deeper than the actors playing Chatswin’s richest and emptiest. However, the best part of the scenes set at the high school is Jane Levy. She’s exceptional in her ability to carry scenes with these dopes while still allowing those same dopes to teach Tessa a lesson on occasion. Furthermore, Levy continues to demonstrate a mastery in facial expressions. She has a wide range of expressions, but every one is always spot on for the scene.


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