Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “Magnus Opus”

After last week’s gut-wrenching installment killed off Reid’s poor ladyfriend, Criminal Minds returned tonight with "Magnum Opus" as we see how Spencer’s handling this devastating loss. Well, as you might have expected, he is definitely not taking it very well.

Maeve’s death last week was definitely a polarizing move by the Criminal Minds writers, as my reviewfor the installment is one of my most commented-on reviews ever. I would say the majority of my readers were decidedly unhappy with the decision to kill off Maeve, but I for one am excited at the prospect of seeing what kind of developments this will bring for Reid. Matthew Gray Gubler is a great actor, but he’s been mostly relegated on this show to being the fast-talking smart guy. I’m definitely thankful they’re giving him more to do here.


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