American Idol Season 12 Review “Auditions, Part 3”

Media- and Ryan Seacrest apparently- start your engines! After a small mountain of hype and rampant media speculation, the episode of "American Idol" that caused the internet to implode was finally here, and the results were…zzzzz. I’m sorry, did I nod off there? Did I miss the BIG showdown to end ALL showdowns? Because I must have blinked and missed it, as it WASN"T THERE.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen the footage, as have many of you reading this, no doubt. Did Nicki Minaj cross a line? Did Mariah? Who can say? As evidenced by the footage seen in tonight’s episode, I’d have to say that this wasn’t even as big a deal as some of the arguments we’ve seen on the previous two episodes. The girls have been at each other’s throats way more than seen at any given moment in this episode, including the lead-in to the big "incident." Indeed, had they edited the leaked footage into some of those confrontations, I might have been more convinced that something major had gone down.


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