Nashville Season 1 Review “You Win Again” – Hanging on to the Wagon By Your Bootstraps

Things are getting crazy over in Nashville, as the big Rayna-Juliette tour continued this week with just a brief stop at home in "You Win Again." Of course, personalities and issues are already causing the two women to clash, but when you add Deacon into the mix…things are about to get explosive.

Of course Deacon was going to get a gig on that tour after quitting his job with the rock band. Unfortunately, a magazine article came out saying that he was fired for falling off the wagon, and he got about as close to rock bottom as he could without actually drinking. But rather than Rayna offering him a life preserver, it was Juliette who held out her hand. That still puts Deacon on the tour, with Rayna for two weeks, much to Teddy’s displeasure. Who knows what secrets could be spilled out on the road? Also, how much did you love that final scene where Deacon ran onto the plane? I am much more into his bad boy side!


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