Modern Family Season 4 Review “Fulgencio”

I can’t say I was expecting a full-out Godfather homage from Modern Family, but "Fulgencio" gives us one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That it was spearheaded by Phil made it all the better, and his entire arc, turning from "killing with kindness" to ruthless vengeance, was a great story for the show to hinge around, and made pretty good use of all three kids. (And Dylan! Who I wish was around a little more often.)

It’s all very silly, but Ty Burrell carries it out excellently, and the commitment to parody in the sequence at end was remarkable, and something Modern Family could stand to do more frequently – not necessarily shot-for-shot parodies (one of these every great while is enough), but rather, experimenting with the structure, and being willing to shrug off the mockumentary format when necessary for a good gag.


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