CSI Season 13 Review “Double Fault” – Buona Fortuna, Hodges!

If you were expecting any insight into the mystery phone call between Grissom and Sara that ended last week’s episode, you were no doubt let down by this week’s CSI, "Double Fault." Sara didn’t even make an appearance this week, which I suppose could mean she’s off somewhere with her husband, working out their issues, but that’s the stuff of fan fiction, my friends.

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This week was all about the death of a rising tennis star. Oh, and Hodges’s impending marriage to anItalian model who might just want a green card. What? You’re far more interested in hearing more about that? But…the tennis player…such a terrible backstory…

Yeah, who am I kidding? Hodges is getting married. To a gorgeous Italian woman he met on vacation with his mother. And the INS thinks it’s all for a green card. Um…can you blame them, though? You’ve seen Hodges. Sure, he’s grown on us over the years, and he’s managed to catch the interest of two of the cutest women who have walked the halls of the crime lab, but he’s still Hodges.


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