Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Women in Garbage”

When a series as Parks and Recreation goes big as it did in last week’s "Two Parties", a more straightforward episode like "Women in Garbage" can almost come across as disappointment. While there may not have been anything "special" about tonight’s episode, it was still Parks and Recreationbeing its usual consistently funny self.

The storyline involving Ron babysitting Diane’s two daughters was Comedy 101 at its finest. The show has put Ron with small children before, and it always produces predictably funny results. Seeing an exhausted Ron sitting on the floor of his office while the girls paint his shoes red was an excellent visual. The storyline wasn’t used entirely for comedic value since it had an underlying sweetness to it revolving around Ron’s continually evolving feelings for Diane. The real winner of this segment was Ann. The show has done better by her this season than last, but tonight’s episode was some of her funnier moments of the season. She’s always great at acting downtrodden when Ron continues to express his lack of desire in knowing anything about her. Plus, it was good to see her awkward routine finally click as she was introduced to Diane’s daughters ("So, you guys like Coldplay?)


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