The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Catch Me If You Can”

‘Catch Me If You Can’ saw The Vampire Diaries continuing on from last week’s episode, allowing us to see hunter!Jeremy in action. Sort of. With Matt’s life threatened, Jeremy (and then Elena) hurry to get him to safety. Jeremy does have a second shot at killing the vampires Klaus turned, but someone else gets there first: Kol. Finding the vampirism cure means finding Silas — who is buried with it — and Kol isn’t too happy about potentially unleashing someone powerful enough to kill the Originals.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Stefan have teamed up to find the neccessary equipment to find Silas and the cure. Klaus — or as Rebekah puts it in very fandom-y terms, ‘Team Klaus’ — is trying to achieve the same thing by growing Jeremy’s hunter’s mark. But then Rebekah finds someone trying to steal an important clue, someone who isn’t on either team — who or what is the third party trying to get the cure and/or uncover Silas?


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