American Idol Season 12 Review “Auditions, Part 4”

Blissfully, they kept things short and sweet on this installment of "American Idol," the fourth of the audition shows, this one in Louisiana. After the non-event that was the previous show, with its ridiculous "incident," it was nice to see the show get back to what it does best: finding new talent. While there was at least one completely unnecessary bad audition (less bad than simply subpar), for the most part, it focused on the positive, to the point that even the other highlighted misfire was handled with good-natured aplomb- looking at you, "Mushroom"!

We got the ball rolling with one Megan Miller, a 22-year-old Louisiana native on crutches, who actually postponed surgery to audition! I’m guessing that the typical doctor does not prescribe skipping out on potentially life-threatening- or at least, leg-threatening- surgeries for the sake of auditioning for a glorified karaoke contest, but try telling that to Megan, who would not be denied. "Something’s Got a Hold on Me," indeed. Thankfully, her voice was as bright as her spirit and it was off to the hospitalbefore she could be off to Hollywood.


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