30 Rock Season 7 Review “A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World”

Ever since Tina Fey entered the minds of television viewers, she has been associated with a type of comedy that is biting, fearless, and often sharper than many of her counterparts in the medium. Hercapacity for self-deprecation has humanized her while her joke rate has made her show iconic to television critics. Her crowning achievement, 30 Rock, is a joke machine that attacks anything and everything, but manages to smile at its targets while it twists the knife. Fey is lauded for all of these qualities in her comedy, but no one has ever accused her of creating a show that is a heartfelt as it is humorous. It’s not a criticism considering that Fey hasn’t seemed to have much interest in interjecting heart into the proceedings on 30 Rock. Though it rarely shows it, it would be a disservice to the show to say that 30 Rock doesn’t have a heart. Furthermore, it would be a disservice to Fey to say that she can’t write heart into her show. Episodes like tonight prove that she can interject heart into her series without sacrificing a ton of the humor.


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