'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Star Kate Gosselin Speaks Up on 'Today'

With the majority of the public's eyes on several Jon and Kate Plus 8 issues, the stars knew they had to speak up some time. Matriarch Kate Gosselin finally discussed what's been plaguing her these days, during her appearance on The Today Show.

Interviewed by Meredith Veira, Kate went on to explain the current status of her kids, her separation with Jon, as well as the many romantic relationships involving her ex-husband. The reality television celebrity started off by describing how the TLC show affected her and the lives of her children.

Kate Gosselin admitted that Jon and Kate Plus 8 is like the home videos the kids will be watching years from now. "It is their favorite show to watch," she said. "They watch mommy and daddy."

Does that mean the eight little Gosselins haven't viewed the recent episodes in which their parents have split? Still, their mom maintains that the show proves how much the kids are loved.

"My kids are wonderful, amazing, healthy, normal, developing kids," Kate explained. "They're so genuine, they're so bright, intelligent."

As for her separation from Jon Gosselin, Kate said they both had a hand in the decision, and that it was "very mutual." She went on: "Clearly we both have completely different takes on what happened between us, but I feel like the details of that for the sake of my kids need to remain private."

Tearfully, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star even explained why she was still wearing her wedding ring. Apparently, she didn't want to upset the children even though they were already told of the news. It's only the older girls, Mady and Cara, who seem to be aware of their parents not getting back together.

Moving on to both parents' rumored affairs, Kate admitted that she was "shocked" at hearing about Jon and Hailey Glassman. It was because this happened in May, during the time she and her ex-husband were hoping to "weather the storm."

Meanwhile, there's also the issue of the mom of eight and her bodyguard, Steve Neild. "There is no affair. There never has been an affair," she declared. "It's just another crazy rumor."



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