'American Idol' Recap: One Hour Equals Talent, Talent, More Talent

After sitting through the "epic" Mariah-Nicki catfight that wasn't on Wednesday, American Idol decided to cut us a break by only subjecting us to one hour of auditions in Baton Rouge. It's the home of the Dawg, and Randy is hoping the bayou doesn't do him dirty.

But seriously, how little do the audition shows really mean? Apparently the ratings were down initially, but it's because no one remembers the audition people anyway. Hollywood and Las Vegas weeks are entertaining, but no one really cares until the live shows begin. That's when singers start to stand out and develop. There might be one or two auditions that stick in your mind, but for the most part, the clutter of previously featured performers and really talented newbies who we never saw just make it difficult to keep track of everything. 

The only ones who remember these people are the writers and bloggers who put their names down on "paper" each week. It's like meeting 100 people all at the same time at a bar and trying to commit their names to memory, all while knowing there's another 100 who are awesome but you just didn't have time to say hi to. Whether you agree or disagree, vote in the poll at the bottom of this article to either back me up or contradict me.



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