Friday Night Lights: Nobody Knows What'll Happen To The Graduates... Yet

I'm expecting everything about Friday Night Lights to slow down a bit, especially since we'll have more or less a year to wait for the next season. Well, that's if you're not watching it through DirecTV, because those folks get to watch it in the fall.

Well, there went my argument, that the long summer wait would delay the cast members' wait for their characters' fates on the show, because they're definitely shooting it now, or at least preparing to shoot. But enough of the blabbering, then. E! Online asked Jesse Plemons about details surrounding his Landry, now that he's graduating from Dillon High like Tyra and Zach and the rest, but as it turns out, he's got no idea, too.

Apparently Friday Night Lights starts shooting season 4 next month, and before then, he can only speculate about how his character will fare. "They kind of left everything up in the air at the end," he said. "I think Tyra's not going to be there the first season, but she might be there the second. Maybe we'll be texting back and forth, or I'll get an email from Tyra."

The same speculation card's been thrown at Aimee Teegarden, who can only hope that Julie's future with Zach Gilford's Matt will go well. "I do [want to see them together]," she said. "I think there's something special and sweet about Julie and Matt's relationship that it has to stay together, or else I feel like we'll have a lot of upset fans. Hopefully Matt breaks up with Julie though, so fans can't blame me."

You sneaky, sneaky Aimee. Well, you can catch her on Legend of the Seeker, where she's set to do a guest stint. Since I missed it yesterday, the details: she plays Annabelle, a Confessor who "ruins a lot of things, but she doesn't really mean to." Now that's set.



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