Parks and Recreation Review: Ron Loves Nothing

I've never seen a better basketball scene on television. Granted, I can only thing of a few other times I've seen basketball actually played on television (Parenthood, The Office, and probably anything on the CW come to mind) but this one actually had me rewinding my DVR to watch Tom, Andy, and Ben lose over and over again. And their loss is perfectly appropriate in an episode about equality. Granted, "Women in Garbage" is designed to be more about women and men being equal, but it also worked to convey some ideas about agism. I digress.

So many great moments in tonight's episode. And even though I've seen a man overwhelmed by children before when he gets stuck babysitting, there's nothing better than a humbled Ron Swanson. He will do as Diane asks because he's in love with her! Even if he claims to love nothing, which is a stellar Swanson-ism. Read More...


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