'Shakespeare Uncovered': 'He isn't too difficult, he isn't too old, and he really is worth it.'

Saying his name evokes images of silver-tongued actors in elaborate costumes, stage sword fights, long-winded speeches, lofty language and august academics.But in reality, the resolutely middle-class, grammar-school-educated William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a hardworking dramatist. poet and sometime actor who juggled writing what turned out to be immortal sonnets, dramas, histories and comedies with performing, running an acting company, managing a theater, and sending money back home to support the wife and kids.There's a persistent belief among some enthusiasts that the Bard of Avon, as he came to be called (having been born and raised in Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire, England), didn't actually write his plays, which were instead the work of one or another university-educated nobleman of the same period.Richard Denton, producer of the documentary series "Shakespeare Uncovered," airing Fridays, Jan. 25 through Feb. 8, on PBS (check local listings), takes a dim view of this assertion, especially considering the inherent competitiveness of the Elizabethan Age's...



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