'Supernatural' DVD Rewind: Season 1, Episodes 5-8

To prepare for the Supernatural season 5 premiere on September 10 at 9pm, I'm burning through the company NetFlix account to watch Supernatural from the beginning.

After four seasons of Azazel, deals, going to Hell, angels, 66 Seals and Lucifer, it's pretty disappointing to watch the brothers battle killer bugs. As much as I love Supernatural, it's painfully clear, given all the intense mythology that followed, that the start of season 1 is comparatively weak. There are still some amusing bits of dialogue and very haunting production values that make the show quite scary, but for the most part, I found myself glad when the second DVD disc of season 1 was over.

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Season 1, Episodes 1-4

"Bloody Mary" Thoughts

Easily the best episode of these four, this episode scared the crap out of me, probably because I have serious issues with bleeding from your eyes. What mad this episode special were small bits of dialogue like when Sam wakes from a nightmare about Jessica only to tell Dean he was dreaming about "lollipops and candy canes."

"Skin" Thoughts

Getting to see Jensen play an evil shapeshifter posing as Dean was amusing, especially because we got to see Sam and Dean fighting without all the troubling drama in more recent seasons. The final line is great, especially because of what's happened since the episode: Dean laments not getting to watch them bury the dead shapeshifter who looks like him and asks, "How many times will I get to see my own funeral?" Obviously he didn't know how many times he'd die on Supernatural.

"Hook Man" Thoughts

Just two episodes after "Bloody Mary," my biggest complaint with this episode is that the show became way too reliant on urban legends. When I think of Supernatural, I think of demons, not a really bad Jared Leto movie.

"Bugs" Thoughts

Not only are killer bugs creepy and incredibly silly, but this episode also features the lamest ending ever. The brothers are being attacked by the bugs, and then the sun comes up, the bugs go away, and everything is magically fixed. Making this episode even worse is the simplistic way Sam and Dean argue over whether John was a good dad or a bad dad. I love the different relationships Sam and Dean have with their father, but that complex emotional drama works a lot better as subtext rather than having the characters say it out loud.

My Favorite Moment

In "Bloody Mary," as Sam is bleeding from his eyes, the evil spirit reveals his deep secret, that he had dreams of Jessica dying in a fire ceiling several days BEFORE it happened. It was a very cool and shocking twist that helped connect the stand-alone mystery with the show's on-going mythology.



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