Glee Season 4 Review “Sadie Hawkin”

I genuinely thought that we’d hit the lowest Glee could go in the Christmas special, but it seems that there are brand new depths this show can plunge to, demonstrated by its return for ‘Sadie Hawkin’. I’ve been Glee’s biggest fan in the past but, as it is for most hard-core fans, when it slips in quality or becomes lazy, it makes that much more of an impact. The episode sees Tina organize a Sadie Hawkins dance so that she can ask her new crush (we’ll get to that in a minute) out, because clearly we’ve all traveled back to the 1950s and women have to have permission before they ask a guy to the dance.

Tina’s new crush might be the most risible part of the whole thing, since we’re supposed to believe she has developed feelings for Blaine over the break. Disregarding how he feels about it, why would Tina be interested in her openly gay (and heartbroken) friend after knowing him for two years? I realize that none of us can help what the heart wants, but her decision to put him on the spot in front of the entire glee club, and then act disappointed when he politely declines, is irredeemable.



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