Beauty and the Beast season 1 review “Seeing Red”

The second half of Beauty and the Beast‘s first season is back with ‘Seeing Red’, which picks up directly after Cat’s car accident. Faced with his ‘beast’ identity being revealed to Evan, Vincent chooses to leave the injured Catherine and hide. Evan immediately rushes to her air, doing an emergency procedure which saves her life, before having her taken to hospital. There Vincent is faced with a blast from the past — his fiancee, Alex. Cat claims not to have seen Vincent when Alex asks, but Vincent himself later reveals all — or as much as he can — to Alex.

While looking into Alex, Cat discovers that Alex has been the victim of burglary and has told the police that her phones are being bugged and her emails read. They dismiss her as paranoid, but Cat comes to a different conclusion — Muirfield. She rushes to Alex’s apartment building and instead finds Alex being bothered by a lone man, who it is later discovered is a past patient of Alex’s. The man is infatuated with her — he kidnaps her at the hospital and it’s down to the injured Cat and Vincent to rescue her. Vincent does so — discovering a new ability, night vision, as he does — and shoots the man.



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