Shameless Season 3 Review “May I Trim Your Hedges?”

I thought that the characters on Shameless had already hit rock bottom but this week’s episode, ‘May I Trim Your Hedges’, just proves that there’s always a lower place for the Gallaghers to fall to. In an episode filled with pedophiles, homophobes and perverts, Frank still comes out with the ‘worst person’ trophy, which is saying something.

The Gallagher patriarch is still swindling Sheila for all she’s worth, posing as Nanny Frank just so he can get handouts from an unquestioning source. It’s too bad that the money is for important things like shots and groceries, as a quick pin prick to the arm and some more narcotics on the lips creates the perfect cover story. Not content with spending health care money on tequila, Frank also cooks up a scheme to get free sports memorabilia (to sell on EBay) by having Carl pose as a terminal cancer patient. He thinks he has a brain tumor now, but at least he gets to go to summer camp.



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