House of Lies Season 2 Review “Man-Date”

After Marty and the gang failed to seal the deal with their potential client on last week’s "House of Lies," it was up to Marty and Clyde to finesse a deal with the Dushkin Twins, aka the "Douche Bag Twins" on this week’s episode, "Man-date." Of course, the title was a double meaning, with it both being a mandate to land the new deal to make up for the lost one and because the gang knew it would require a "man-date" to pull it off. To that end, it was up to Marty and Clyde to prove that they could hang with the, um, douche bags.

At first, it looked like they’d got themselves into more than they’d bargained for, when the boys brought out the big guns…literally. As in Uzis. Fortunately for Marty and Clyde, the guns were big old fakes- actually shot-delivery devices for their bar which they sold for a ridiculous mark-up price to gullible customers for an easy profit. Pretty neat, to be honest. But yeah, these two guys are world-class D-bags, to be sure.


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