Exclusive Interview: Patrick Duffy Talks Dallas’ Second Season, Larry Hagman & More

Dallas is bringing the drama back to fans this season, and TV Equals was happy to be able to talk to Patrick Duffy about this season, particularly how the show will handle the death of Larry Hagman, who played the deliciously evil J.R. Ewing. Dallas will be back on TNT Monday, January 28 at 9/8c.

Everybody’s excited for the return of Dallas. What’s it been like returning to one of your most famous roles?

Patrick Duffy: It’s very interesting because not many actors get to play the same role, the same character, as he ages 30 years. Actors will pay Hamlet, but they’re always playing that 20-year-old prince. To play Bobby Ewing initially at 30 years old now at 63 is an interesting job because you get to decide how he’s going to age, who he’s going to be, what kind of person did a 30-year-old end up being, and those are kind of fun things to play around with and Larry, Linda [Gray] and I have all gotten to to that, which is terrific. I’m enjoying it immensely, and the producers, the creators of the show–Cynthia Cidre and David Jacobs–have got a real finger on the pulse of how to make those characters age appropriately. So I’m having a great time, an absolutely great time.


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