'House of Lies' Don Cheadle: 'It's a blur'

Zap2it: With the fast-paced nature of "House of Lies," how many script pages do you go through per day?Don Cheadle: Well, it depends. We've done as many as seven to nine pages, which can be ridiculous. I guess the average day would be five pages, but it can be more. It's a blur. We're sometimes shooting three episodes at a time.Zap2it: What do you think the effect of that pace is?Don Cheadle: One of the comments I get back a lot on the show is, "It seems like it's over before it starts." It's definitely something that's different from what I've done before in a popular sort of vein.Obviously, I haven't played a character like this week in, week out. I've played characters who definitely have had some of the same aspects, but not as condensed and not as full-throttle.Zap2it: Do you believe the timing of a show that has the themes of "House of...



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