Downton Abbey Recap: A Heartbreaking Episode of Staggering Loss

Normally these Downton Abbey recaps are peppered with jokes and a generous helping of wry asides about the Dowager Countess’s wry asides. Under other circumstances, this week’s would be, too. If things had turned out differently, this installment would be dominated by a dissertation on the latest developments in the unceasingly dull Mr. Bates Murder Mystery (update: the pie did it!); lots of wink-wink, nudge-nudge banter about how Thomas’s relationship with Hot Jimmy the Footman has made "winding the clocks" my new favorite sexual euphemism; an analysis of Edith’s new role as the founder of the 1920s-British-high-society-old-media version of Jezebel; a discussion of how completely irritating it is that Isobel hired Ethel only after it was too late for Ethel to keep her kid; and the revelation that, apparently, if anyone utters the word cervix within a 30-mile radius of Lord Grantham, he will instantly combust with discomfort, transforming into nothing but a tidy pile of dust wearing a white bow tie. Read More...


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