Family Guy Review: Breakfast for Dinner is Anarchy!

Family Guy can be a very misanthropic show: the sense that maybe these people just do not like each other sometimes pervades the show, seemingly depending on who’s writing the script. So unfortunately, the show can be often just quite an unpleasant experience, as "The Giggity Wife" was.

Charmese, Quagmire’s prostitute wife, felt less like a character, and more like a way for the show to create the most disgusting piece of humanity that they could, and then they had their fun making fun of what they created, and expecting the viewer to go along with it. Really, it was just unpleasant more than anything. I didn’t really feel sympathy toward Quagmire for trying to get out, if anything, I was disgusted that he and his friends would go out, get wrecked, and then just try to get out of suffering the consequences for any of their actions. And you wonder why Lois is emotionally distant, as Baio said?

Peter and Quagmire trying to hook up went about as poorly as one could have expected, and of course they didn’t wind up actually having sex, just getting almost there before Charmese called it off. And there’s the whole gay panic angle of "OMG Peter and Quagmire are going to have sex, how disgusting and awful" that gets played up as well. Read More...


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