The Good Wife Review: "The Seven Day Rule"

The legal world is manipulative and unkind. The trustee, Clarke, had it right when he said, "This is a mess."

"The Seven Day Rule" proved what a twisted mess was all around. The bankruptcy extension hearing was a mess of manipulated facts, personal interests, and painful realities. Back at the office, the prenuptial negotiations were an even worse mess with the lawyers screwing with their own client. And why? For their own professional gain. Clarke was right to question whether he wanted to join this profession.

Wouldn't every judge in Chicago be familiar with Louis Canning's "disability antics" by now? Or, do the judges really buy into it? It's difficult to believe that it wouldn't be a topic of conversation in the judges' social circle and even with other lawyers. I know I'm getting tired of seeing it. Get a new act, Canning! Read More...


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