'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Pageants, Lies and Butts

Kenya gets a workout in to prepare for her "Stallion Workout" video. Meanwhile, Phaedra hops into a leotard and begins shooting for the "Donkey Booty" cover. Both of these women are absolutely gorgeous, just in very different ways. It's hard not to stare at Kenya's figure. Is her ass real? Are her boobs real? If so, I'm siding with the stallion. Phaedra is voluptuous and soft. Kenya is cut, tight and perky. Which would you choose? Donkey or Stallion?

Pageant Queen
Cynthia is looking to get into pageants and meets with a pageant expert to get into the specifics. Cynthia was discovered at a pageant in her tween years, and even though she didn't place (those fools!), one of the judges was a model scout and snatched her up. They start going through the fees and all of the ways to make money from a pageant. Aside from thinking that pageants seem ridiculous and terrible for young girls, I'm surprised to learn how expensive they are! There are fees for everything. Entry fees, photo fees, hair and makeup fees -- what?!



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