Review: The Bones That Foam


(And I don't just mean "back on my SideReel schedule.)

FINALLY a case that is reminiscent of the old days - science-y, convoluted, and just plain WEIRD. The bones lost structural integrity and FOAMED. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I mean, they LIQUEFIED and LIT ON FIRE. They were SQUISHY!

...blabbering over just how incredibly awesome that was ASIDE, this was a solid Bones episode, the like of which we just haven't seen in awhile. Lab Assistant Mr. Nigel-Murray returned again and was, as per usual, fantastically nerdy comic relief. Angela actually did something. And Hodgins was once again King of the Lab (which was sad, because there was no Zack to contest the title, but exciting all the same). Also, alarms went off a million times and there were all sorts of excellent Squint moments spread across the entire episode.

On the other side of things, the Bones-and-Booth relationship continued to develop BUT without needing the excuse of a super-cheesy plot and/or sexy female FBI agent. They had their touching moment where Brennan admits Booth's talents and bows to his superiority in the realm of the interpersonal. And, even better, the innuendo was almost unstoppable throughout the episode. I feel like I got my $60 worth.

I suppose there was nothing EXTRAORDINARY about this episode, but it was just so CLASSIC. Satisfying, uplifting, hilarious, and gross - all the things an episode of Bones should be, and that's more than enough to put a smile on my face.

Kudos to director David Boreanaz!!!

(I hope he directs more episodes in the future!)



Default avatar cat
Mar 12, 2009 4:53PM EDT

I definitely agree, this was a great episode. But what I don't understand is why was I able to watch it before it supposedly airs. It is scheduled for Thursday March 12th in the evening, yet, I have already watched it.

Default avatar cat
Mar 13, 2009 1:10AM EDT

Omg, I know the foam thing was sooo cool! And the part where it was set on fire *sighs* reminds me of the old days when Zack Addy was still running around the lab. When are they going to bring him back??? I miss him and he DIDN'T DOO IT!! Maybe that will be the finale and he'll be back by next season.

Default avatar cat
Mar 14, 2009 11:06AM EDT

Yup, Yup! Good eppy I thought but throughout the episode I kept wondering where Angela had disappeared to...she was like in what, 2 scenes?Also, I found the motive for murder slightly lacking, only because I felt they didn't show a strong enough bond or much love rather between the victim's brother and his wife (Her asking him to take the pills was perhaps to show us that but it wasn't very convincing.) Also, the wife was a small she managed to do it all alone is anybody's guess really...
Plus point, am really starting to grow fond of Vincent Nigel Murray, he's a good asset to the team. Now I really wish they give Cam so more to do in the show...
But all in was an enjoyable episode.

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