The Good Wife Recap: A Woman in Love

Now, was that so hard? Finally, thirteen episodes into the season, and we’ve got a live one. A game-changer, a Good Wife that delivers on everything this show promised us it could be in seasons one and two. There was classic legal and political ambiguity, there was Cary coming into his own, there were forward-looking story arcs for major characters, and there were even bankruptcy scenes that weren’t total snoozes. And now that it’s over, it feels like everything that came before was just kidding itself, and so was the investment we thought we had in this show. We were technically there, but we were cynical and faithless, like Alicia at the end of "The Seven Day Rule," pouting in her office and unable to join the party going on in the next room. She had her reasons for keeping one foot out, and she figured she was close enough. That was us! We argued for appreciating episodes individually and maybe the promise of some fun-sounding developments on the horizon, but, really, when we thought about it: Would we still have been watching this show if we weren’t recapping it? Unlikely. UNTIL NOW. Like Diane said to Alicia in her outstanding, put-on-your-big-girl-pants-and-show-some-respect monologue, "Pouting is unbecoming." You’re absolutely right, Diane. The pouting stops now. We’re officially ready to join the party of season four. Read More...


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