'Deception's' Tate Donovan: 'Soapy has a connotation of crazy pilot changes'

Zap2it: Would you describe "Deception" as soapy?Tate Donovan: It's gets more into the thriller. Soapy has a connotation of crazy plot changes.Zap2it: Are you directing episodes of this?Tate Donovan: I directed No. 7, and we will shoot 11. And if we get picked up another season, I will direct some more. It is a lot of work. Some scenes are easier than others. When you are acting, it is like old-fashioned filmmaking, where the director would turn to the cameraman and say, "Was that good? OK, let's move on." I ask a [director of photography], I ask Melissa, the script supervisor, and the other actors. "Should we move on?" [They say,] "Yeah, that's great." I can't really imagine a better way to spend the day.Zap2it: How is this show different from other dramas on TV?Tate Donovan: I have to say, and I especially get this when I started directing, they are really taking chances that...



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