'The Bachelor': Tierra, the tierrable, horrible, no good, very bad date

This week, "The Bachelor" kicks off with Chris Harrison dropping by the Bachelorette Manse in a fetching eggplant-hued shirt. Very nice. Sean also has a nice shirt on -- wait, no he doesn't. 'Cause why would Sean wear a shirt?Selma's DateCute little Selma gets the first solo date. Look at those dimples. She's like Sandra-Bullock-in-Speed cute. As Sean arrives, he says he's "had a connection with Selma since night one." Just once, it'd be nice if the Bachelor would say, "Yeah, I'm not really feeling it with Betty, but she's really smokin', so I keep giving her a rose. Hopefully this date will let me know if we have absolutely anything in common other than thinking each other is hot."But they never say that. It's a shame the main Bachelors or Bachelorettes don't have a little more of a sense of humor about their experience. But probably there's an ABC production assistant just off screen...



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