Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kourtney Talks Miami

Taking a few steps away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians is Kourtney, who is all ready to take on Miami. Her upcoming show with her sister Khloe will be premiering in a while, featuring the launch of the sisters' boutique DASH and their presence in the social scene.

Kourtney Kardashian discussed how excited she was about the new endeavor on an interview with She definitely immersed herself to the Miami culture, getting to know everything from the guys there to opening their own store.

"I have been nonstop working at the store," she told the publication. "I've been working on getting everything in order and getting the store back on track."

Moving the business to Miami was one wise decision for them, because it doesn't only mean more customers, but more great experiences in the famous city. "Miami has this energy," Kourtney proclaimed. "It's sexy, and everyone there is always on Miami time. People don't work, or they work in the nightlife and they all sleep in and go to the beach every day."

"Every morning we would run on the beach and just seeing the ocean every morning, it puts you in such a good mood. You feel like you're on vacation."

Speaking of vacations, there's certainly the parties and the night life that Kourtney couldn't stay away from. In addition to that are the guys that keep hanging out with her.

"Just like in every city, there are definitely normal nice cool guys, and there's definitely the cheesy Miami guy and what you envision," she explained. "The stereotype definitely doesn't come from nowhere."

Kourtney also talked about how they planned on staying in Miami, whether it be in condos or hotels. "We found one [condo] that we loved that was right next door to where we were staying, and we were like, "Oh My God, we have to get this place. We're gonna come here once a month!"

Even so, it's DASH she's hoping to focus on. "Miami just showed me how being in a big city that tons of people visit, it made such a difference on the store."



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