Bunheads Review: Cleosmacktra!

"The Astronaut and the Ballerina" was a bit of a bummer. The premise of Melanie taking to the rink as a roller derby queen is so exciting and instead of all the focus going in that direction (focus that was well earned by Emma Dumont's performance in "I'll be Your Meyer Lansky"), most of it was streamlined to Michelle and her goofy brother, Scotty.

As much as I enjoy watching Bunheads, I realized tonight if Michelle was my friend, I would probably either a) shrivel into my own skin like a raisin or b) punch her in the face. She never shuts up. That's why Fanny needs to be on the show. She is the only other character who is written to keep up with Michelle in both speed and voracity of conversation. Read More...



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