Bones Review: Last Will And Testament

Coming off of last week's riveting return of Pelant, I was expecting this week of Bones to move a little more slowly. I expected correctly. Like Bones season 3, the Gormogon season, or the Gravedigger arc, not every week can focus on the season's Big Bad. 

Tonight's episode, "The Twist in the Plot," was a strong episode which provided an avenue for the Booth-Bones discussions so many of us love. Oh, and Daisy returned. 

Bones and the team discovered two bodies in a grave, one of a cancer patient and the other that of her "death doula." As far as the procedural aspect of "The Twist in the Plot" goes, I called the whodunit about 30 minutes in. It was plain to me that the husband had killed the doula, though I didn't see the murder coming as a result of her breaking up with him due to her three month policy.  Read More...


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