Being Human Review: Tainted Blood

There was only one teen in this week's episode, so the tile, "The Teens They Are a Changin" only worked for one character. On the other hand, I think my own title was pretty apt. Allow me to pat myself on the back. It's even a song title. Woo! Go me! Outside that exciting moment, only Sally found some peace, but it was ultimately veiled. It was an overall depressing hour of my favorite SyFy show.

Sally: Sally was enjoying the stress of having killed Trent. Yeah, I say she was enjoying it because after years of ghosting (as she called it), she was able eat. Two chickens and a gallon of ice cream and she wouldn't gain an ounce. That is enjoyable no matter your mood. And her mood was dour. She was worrying about killing more people, and yet still oddly compelled to be at Trent's memorial service to help him in his ghostly endeavor. Read More...


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