Lost Girl Review: "ConFaegion"

"ConFaegion" was by far the funniest Lost Girl episode ever. Energizer SuccuBunny, anyone?

It even topped "Original Skin," which had some hilarious moments, but it was also quite serious at times. I loved that Dyson had a callback to that episode tonight as well. I usually prefer the more serialized, arc-based episodes, but this was an exception since it was so well done. 

Even though she hasn't been around, the Morrigan hadn't forgotten about the blackmail picture that Bo had on her. The Dark leader was committed to hurting Bo and sent Underfae after Underfae after her with no success. When Vex visited her, she saw an opportunity to take out Bo by restricting her powers. The bug like creature invaded Bo's body from Vex and gave her the intelligence and maturity level of a teenager, while hampering her abilities. Read More...



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