The Mindy Project Review: Mindiana Jones

The Mindy Project opened this week with Brendan and Mindy struggling to connect in bed and generate laughs with an assortment of props. From there though, "Harry & Sally" delivered a great episode full of  highbrow humor. The witty one liners we have come to love, took a back seat to some very original and funny conversations between Mindy and her talented cast mates. 

Mindy's on screen chemistry with B.J. Novak's character Jamie was such a departure from the brand of awkward humor the two played out on The Office. While on their date, Mindy wondered aloud about how amazing Prince Harry's theoretical Instagram account would be as noted in this week's best Mindy Project quotes. That conversation and the one about abdominal obsessed magazines were very clever. Mindy was well within her right to walk out on Jamie as he chatted away with Lucy at the table, but her decision to answer Brendan's booty call was regrettable. Read More...


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